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A worker plays the imbila using materials he found in the compound during his free time.

This building was originally the Alexanderfontein Hotel where Kimberley's residents would often come for dances on the weekends. The owner was Mrs. Bisset.

Electric tram that transported Kimberley's residents to Alexanderfontein Hotel on the outskirts of the town.

Entrance, outside and inside view, and ballot box of the Kimberley Club. Located in downtown Kimberley, the Kimberley Club was initially a men's only club for Kimberley's wealthiest residents. The arrow was placed at the entrance in honor of its…

Men drive a wagon decorated for the fourth of July

"Sandy" uses his free time on Sunday to make some extra money by cutting hair for other workers.

De Beers compound. Netting in certain areas prevented workers from throwing diamonds outside of the compound to retrieve later. The guard's tower is pictured in the foreground. A swimming area can be seen on the right side of the photograph. The…

Workers use their free time (probably Sunday) to make bracelets to sell inside the compound. Another worker appears to be playing a game of umugala.

Workers prepare meals during their free time inside the De Beers compound.

By late December, 1899, the Siege of Kimberley had forced a ration on all residents of the town. Africans received small portions of mealie meal, sorghum meal, samp,…

A group of workers poses for the camera during their work break.