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Brooks describes attending a meeting of the Socialist Party in which Eugene V. Debs was a guest speaker. Debs was a Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party in 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912, and 1920.

Brooks describes a recent flood in Solomonville, the Democratic County Convention taking place in town, and the Socialist Party

Brooks describes attending horse races and a trip down into a copper mine.

Brooks discusses working in the office, Judge McFarlan's return from a trip to California, studying Spanish, Socialism, Anarchism, his sister's secretarial work, and Sheriff James Parks.

Sol Plaatje's home at 32 Angel Street where he spent the remainder of his life.

Julian Gabaldon's hosue on Lynch Street, early 1900s. Photographed by Oliver Risdon, operator of Risdon photography studio, Clifton.

Selections from Sol Plaatje's testimony in front of the Native Affairs Commission concerning African enfranchisement.

Selected testimony of various people in front of South African Native Affairs Commission discussing Africans' enfranchisement. Topics include:
-Conditions in America
-Desire for liquor
-Ballot Arrangements
-Desire of Natives for

Monument dedicated to Sol Plaatje. Dedicated January 9, 2010.

A group of workers poses for the camera during their work break.