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The Kimberley Mine as it appeared in 2010. The original open mine was 240 meters deep. The mine opened in 1871 and operations ceased in 1914.

The city of Kimberley can be seen in the background. The long green-roofed building was the…

The De Beers Mine as it appeared in 2010. Although the original mine was over 250 meters deep, it was gradually filled back in after the mine closed first in 1908 and then again in 1990.

A worker plays the imbila using materials he found in the compound during his free time.

A De Beers worker mines for diamonds

Many of the original houses of Kenilworth, like these, still remain in the area. These houses were for De Beers white employees.

This building was originally the Alexanderfontein Hotel where Kimberley's residents would often come for dances on the weekends. The owner was Mrs. Bisset.

Electric tram that transported Kimberley's residents to Alexanderfontein Hotel on the outskirts of the town.

Entrance, outside and inside view, and ballot box of the Kimberley Club. Located in downtown Kimberley, the Kimberley Club was initially a men's only club for Kimberley's wealthiest residents. The arrow was placed at the entrance in honor of its…

View of the exterior and interior of the Kimberley Sanitarium - funded by Cecil Rhodes

A recreation of a typical store front at Kimberley's "Big Hole Museum"