1903 Strike, Clifton-Morenci


Archival materials (correspondences and newspaper clippings) related to the copper strike in Clifton-Morenci (1903).

Items in the 1903 Strike, Clifton-Morenci Collection

Newspaper headlines and transcripts detailing the events of the 1903 strike in Clifton-Morenci, June 1-12.

Selection of correspondences from Acting Governor's letterbooks. Stoddard was acting Governor at the time of the 1903 Strike while Governor Brodie was east on business.

Telegram sent by Acting governor Isaac Stoddard to President Theodore Roosevelt concerning the 1903 strike in Clifton-Morenci

Acting Adjutant General sends Presidential orders to Commanding General in Denver, Colorado concerning strike in Clifton-Morenci

Commanding General Baldwin relays events of Morenci, Arizona after troops arrive.